International Patients

International Patient Service Department


Our International patient service department provides special arrangements for international patients. We, at Vayodha hospital, understand that falling sick in foreign land is not only physical but mental and emotional trauma for patient and family members. We are committed in providing safe healing experience, and our international patient care team strives to ensure their safety and comfort throughout their stay in hospital.

More than 800 International patients had been rescued and evacuated from various corner of Nepal. We have experience of treating over 2000 International patients of different nationality in our facility.

Vayodha has tie up with numerous and International Insurance companies and working relationships with more than 100 International insurance companies worldwide. Vayodha Hospital has interpreters who makes patient comfortable and ensures that International patients feel ease in a foreign land in communicating their feelings and demands.

We make every effort to assist International patients and be at their service during all phases of care, which is from the time they arrive, during their stay and even after their discharge for follow-up. We have got the facility to provide hygienic food of the choice of patients prescribed by Dietician.

Apart from the medical team, Vayodha hospital has a dedicated 24/7 non-medical team to provide all the necessary assistance required for the hospital registration, appointments, payments, admissions, billing, coordination with the insurance companies and language interpreters.


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Vayodha means possessing good health in Sanskrit! We believe every human being is an author of his/her own health and in this journey of life we would like to be your trusted companion. For us Patient Care supercedes all other aspects. We emphasize on quality care – round the clock! ‘ V ‘ symbolizes caring hands and the Green droplet symbolizes Life