Founder Chairman (Lt. Dr. Shyam Bdr. Pandey)

Dr. Shyam Bdr. Pandey | Vayodha Hospital

It gives me immense pleasure to be a part of Vayodha Hospitals, which sincerely bids to offer a reliable, dependable and affordable service to the people. In this regard we have, from the beginning, concentrated on amiable surrounding with ample space, well trained nursing staff and experienced medical and surgical consultants with their team of associates.
Hospital has impressive emergency room for trauma and other emergencies with facilities of monitoring, placement of central lines and pacemakers. Operation Theater adjacent to the ER for immediate treatment of trauma patient is built to facilitate quick service. Mechanical ventilator awaits the needy patients. 20 beds for CCU and ICU provide adequate number of beds for critically ill patients. Apart from Mechanical Ventilators, this unit has also Hemo Dialysis Machine and Temporary Pacemaker to ensure standard care. Well-furnished and well-equipped cabins with constant nursing and medical doctor’s attendance will ensure comfortable stay for the patients. Similarly, general wards have also been furnished and equipped to meet requirements for comfort and ease.
In the end, it is perhaps sufficient to place the message “Our hospital is always ready to provide excellent care at the time of need.”

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