Physiotherapy Department

Vayodha Hospitals has the latest sophisticated equipment and the experience physiotherapist all of whom are totally geared towards patient care. The Center is dedicated to healing, managing pain and returning patients to normal lifestyles after serious injury or major surgery. The Physiotherapy department here at Vayodha assesses and plans treatment of various health conditions in variety of settings. Physical modalities used in this system are Exercise, Massage, Heat and Cold Therapy, Light, Radio and Sound Waves therapy. Vayodha Hospitals provides physiotherapy session for entire musculoskeletal conditions, various Neuro and Cardiopulmonary conditions, some kind of skin disorders and also obstetric cases.

Besides this Vayodha Hospitals deals with following physiotherapy sessions.

• Microsonic Ultrasound Therapy
• Moist Heat Therapy
• Joint& Ligaments Pain Therapy
• Therapeutic Exercises
• Therapeutic Massage
• Electrotherapy
• Occupational Therapy and Speech Therapy

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